Weberruß, Volker
The Metric Field Gateway to Quantum Physics
In Search of the Lost Unity - Going for New Horizons in Science, Technology, and Philosophy
410 Seiten
21 x 14,8 x 2,8 cm
Erscheinungstermin 01.09.2012
Bestell-Nr. P86924328
ISBN 978-3-86924-328-3
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Have you ever heard about a Theory of Unified Fields that works without any restrictions? In the book in hand, you will find such a gem. Certainly, it looks completely different to what the scientific community has been expecting for decades. However, exactly the unorthodox view taken as the basis punctures the Gordian knots that have been responsible for a lot of flops up to now. Learn that the impossible becomes possible by introducing a generalized metric field concept that includes masses and charges, macroscopic systems and microscopic systems. Learn that the generalized metric field concept opens the metric field gateway to quantum physics. Are you thinking about machines producing artificial gravitation? The ideas presented in this book might be helpful for you! Are you thinking about machines converting solid matter to radiation useable for propulsion? The ideas presented in this book might be helpful for you, too! Be inspired to overcome the barriers of science, technology, and philosophy. Be inspired to do the first steps towards future technologies. Anyway, you will discover a lot of advanced operators applicable in quantum physics, eventually allowing you to verify this Theory of Unified Fields yourself, dispelling any doubt.