Akca Prill, Melek
The European Union and Russian Energy Politics
External Energy Relations and Interdependency between the European Union and Russia
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Erscheinungstermin 01.06.2012
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ISBN 978-3-86924-297-2
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The European Union and Russia Energy Politics aims to analyse the energy relationships, energy foreign policy and energy dialogue between the European Union Member States and the Russian Federation. To understand the recent developments in Russian - European Union energy relations better, the study aims to assert the disciplines and approaches of international relations in the example of Russia and the European Union systems of government. The important question here, whether diversification of 'energy supplier' or 'energy supply routes' is possible. If there is a possibility to diversify the supplier, is this then too costly to build, operate and rely on new pipeline routes? More crucial issue is, whether Russia is a reliable energy supplier in terms of European Energy Security approach. Throughout these assumptions, the role and vision of European Union Member States, the possible energy exporter countries, their policies and contributions are going to be discussed.