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VorankündigungBeiträge zur Rotkreuzgeschichte - book presentation in Geneva

We are pleased to announce that on 25 November at 10 a.m. at the Centre Henry Dunant in Geneva the presentation of the current volume "Louis Appia. Apostel der Menschlichkeit / Louis Appia. Missionnaire de l'humanitaire" will take place. This bilingual anthology recalls the career and values of this co-founder and pioneer of humanitarian aid, who had a decisive influence on the history of Geneva and the International Red Cross.

The evening before, the Société Louis Appia invites you to take a guided tour through the historic centre of Geneva in the footsteps of Louis Appia. The walk ends at the Eaux-Vives parish centre, where you can visit an exhibition on this pioneering surgeon and co-founder of the ICRC. For more information see: www.louis-appia.ch/lancement-des-actes-du-colloque-2018.


Our new publications
Logo:Louis Appia. Apostel der Menschlichkeit / Missionnaire de l’humanitaire
Durand, Roger / Lathion, Valérie / Pictet, Olivier / Schlösser, Ra Louis Appia. Apostel der Menschlichkeit / Missionnaire de l’humanitaire 39,00 €
Logo:Romain Rolland: un écrivain mondial?
Bridet, Guillaume / Hertrampf, Marina Ortrud M. (éds.) Romain Rolland: un écrivain mondial? 32,00 €
Logo:Die Ingenieurwissenschaften und die Gartenkunst
Schütte, Georg / Wolschke-Bulmahn, Joachim (Hg.) Die Ingenieurwissenschaften und die Gartenkunst 25,00 €
Logo:Crosslinguistic Facets of the Subjunctive
Ströbel, Liane (ed.) Crosslinguistic Facets of the Subjunctive 35,00 €
Logo:Approaches to a “new" World Literature
French, Lorely / Hertrampf, Marina Ortrud M. (eds.) Approaches to a “new" World Literature 36,00 €
Logo:Populäre Heimat / La petite patrie populaire
Hertrampf, Marina Ortrud M. / Mayer, Christoph Oliver (Hg.) Populäre Heimat / La petite patrie populaire 34,00 €
Logo:Un peu beaucoup, un poco fuerte
Kern, Beate Un peu beaucoup, un poco fuerte 68,00 €



From our publishing house
Einführung ins biblische Hebräisch

The study book "Einführung ins biblische Hebräisch" has just been published in its third revised and updated edition! An indispensable standard work for all those preparing for the Hebraicum.



We are on site again!

We are looking forward to being on site at the 38th Romance Studies Conference in Leipzig in September. You are welcome to take a look at our current new publications at our book table.



The Vampire

The contributions to the present volume "Der Vampir" are based on the transnational and international conference held at the University of Bergamo, which brought together researchers from Giessen and Bergamo across languages and disciplines.

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