French, Lorely / Hertrampf, Marina Ortrud M. (eds.)
Approaches to a “new" World Literature
Romani Literature(s) as (re-)writing and self-empowerment
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Erscheinungstermin 20.11.2023
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The history of written Romani literature is only about 100 years old, and thus Romani literatures are still being defined and consolidated. At least two special features characterize this young literature: on the one hand, it is a multilingual diasporic world literature that often can be characterized as engaged literature and tries to deconstruct various age-old stereotypes of the minority. On the other hand, female authors play a strikingly prominent role. Female authors frequently achieve visibility with their texts on the national book markets. Some authors appear in their own texts as committed feminists and/or human rights activists. For other authors, sexuality and gender play a less prominent role in their works. Additionally, women often also play very central roles in texts by male authors.
Therefore, this volume aims to explore the different facets of Romani literatures on two interrelated axes. First, the essays explore the status of several diverse works as transnational world literature. Second, the contributions examine the significance of writing as a form of social engagement and self-empowerment. What emerges is the observation that mainly women authors have been speaking out and standing up for their rights as women and Romnya.

With contributions from
Oksana Marafioti, Ana Belén Martín Sevillano, Martin Shaw, Kirsten von Hagen, Marina Ortrud M. Hertrampf, Emilia Kledzik, Florian Homann, Paola Toninato, Sidonia Bauer, Lorely French, Viola Parente-Capková