Bothmann, Nils
Terrorist Thrills
The Depiction of Terrorism in US Mainstream Cinema since the 1980’s
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Erscheinungstermin 01.12.2012
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ISBN 978-3-86924-380-1
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Terrorism is not a new phenomenon, but since the 1980's the number and the severeness of as well as the media attention to terrorist attacks has risen, especially with events such as the Oklahoma City bombing or 9/11. Mainstream cinema has always found a way to reflect and read contemporary phenomena, terrorism being no exception to the rule. Terrorist Thrills takes a look at the depiction of terrorism in mainstream cinema and its interpretation, studying movies such as Delta Force, Die Hard, True Lies, Arlington Road, Team America: World Police and United 93 among others. It provides an overview, takes a look at trends like parodies on terrorism or showing an understanding for terrorist characters and reads the depiction of terrorism by making use of concepts like the other (Jacques Lacan) and performativity (Judith Butler).