Dörrie, Peter
A Critical Theory of Rwandan-Congolese Security
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Erscheinungstermin 01.03.2012
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The multiple layers of conflict that make up Rwandan-Congolese security have so far been largely interpreted from perspectives labeled as objective, but which on closer examination reflected the specific experiences and interests of those doing the interpretation. Asking "how could an emancipatory Rwandan-Congolese security community look like?", this dissertation takes an alternative approach, analyzing the situation from a consciously normative perspective. After developing a theoretical framework through a process of "pearl fishing" - with the main theoretical influences being amongst others Gramscianism, Critical Theory and Critical Security Studies - the experiences and interests of three key elites involved in shaping Rwandan-Congolese security are examined. Those experiences and interests result in security hegemonies that are detrimental to the emancipation of the general population of Rwanda and the Congo, while stabilizing the structures that keep the elites in power.