Fritz, Karoline
Investigating Youth and Friendship
Anthropological Perspectives on Being Young and Having Friends in a Turkish Town
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Erscheinungstermin 01.08.2011
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The central intertwined puzzles with which this work deals with include in a broader sense the question of youth in the south-eastern region of Turkey and in a more narrow sense, the question of certain young people's personal relationships within and outside the context of a local youth centre. The results of the research are based on fieldwork which was carried out in the provincial town of Mardin. By focusing on the interlinked meanings, perceptions and experiences of 'being young' and 'having friends' among local people in their late youth and early adulthood the work represents an innovative contribution to studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology of respectively marginalised issues. Within and outside the latter discipline it is in particular of significance to the broad field of youth studies as well as to varying investigations on friendship.