Gentsch, Norman
Permafrost Soils in Central Siberia
Landscape Controls on Soil Organic Carbon Storage in a Light Taiga Biome
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Erscheinungstermin 01.04.2011
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Soils of arctic and boreal regions are of primary importance for the global carbon budget and expected to respond sensitively to climatic changes. However, there are many uncertainties concerning the consequences of the large organic carbon stocks in permafrost soils under a changing environment. Three catena sequences were investigated in a permafrost forest biome in Central Siberia. Purpose of the study was to estimate quality and quantity of soil organic matter and to evaluate mechanisms of carbon sequestration in respect to landscape positions. Microclimate gradients among landscape positions have been proposed as "space-for-time" proxies to get insights to changes in vegetation distribution and soil organic carbon storage under a possible future climate. The findings suggested that the soils of the study area, dependent from landscape position, could act as additional source for greenhouse gasses if climate warming will enhance the soil temperatures.