Henning, Thorge
Corporate Social Responsibility in the German Food Industry
An Investigation in Greenwashing
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CSR has been present in companies for a long time. In literature history, CSR was first dominated by philanthropical approaches. With increased poverty and a growing gap between rich and poor, social responsibility became more important for the CSR discipline. And with various global environmental problems such as global warming or deforestation environmental responsibilities also became part of CSR.
With an increased awareness for the environment, also the demand for green products increased. Companies reacted on it, but instead of making changes on the products, the "green" claims are very often just part of the advertisement. That is what we call greenwashing. Terrachoice defines it as:
"Green-wash […]: the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service"
In the German food industry, the packaging is an important platform for companies to do greenwashing. This thesis analysed the literature regarding the field of CSR and with it, greenwashing in the German food industry.