Hoppe, Solvejg
All Eyes on Africa
South Africa in Transnational Television News during the 2010 FIFA World Cup
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Erscheinungstermin 01.04.2012
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ISBN 978-3-86924-251-4
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This book contains a study that aims to reveal how transnational television news depicted and framed South Africa during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Newscasts from three transnational broadcasters - BBC World News, CNN International and Al Jazeera English - aired during the FIFA World Cup 2012, have been analyzed with a methodological combination a quantitative content analysis and a discourse analysis. The research is based on the concept of media representations, the relation of sports and news media, previous research on football World Cups in the media and the role of transnational television. The study provides not only insights into how the broadcasters represented the host country and on which topics they focused. It also reveals possible differences or similarities in the news coverage of the three transnational television broadcasters.