Keck, Jennifer
CSR in the Textile Industry
Implementation in Multinational Companies in Asian and European Markets
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Erscheinungstermin 01.04.2015
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In today's globalized and industrialised world, companies need to meet the growing demands of a continuously changing environment rather than simply fulfilling the needs of society in terms of procurement.
In order to create value for the stakeholders by respecting their needs and responding to challenges, an ever-increasing number of companies around the world are becoming more committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. The thesis discusses this topic within the European and Asian textile industries which are now linked together more closely than ever in terms of business relations.
For multinational corporations in these regions to stay competitive and to create "Shared Value", sustainable collaborations between companies, governments, NGOs and consumers which incorporate mutual cultural understanding are required.
But to what extent are consumers aware of Corporate Social Responsibility? The author has conducted a survey which aims to answer this question, among others. Whilst the survey focuses on consumer awareness, the thesis also discusses the development, achievements and challenges of European and Asian CSR practices.