Schmidt, Christian
Strategies for Attracting High Value Added Foreign Direct Investments in the ICT Sector
A Comparison of the Countries Estonia, Slovenia and Ireland
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Erscheinungstermin 01.08.2011
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Ireland, Estonia and Slovenia have during the 1990s and early 2000s economically significantly improved by giving incentives and building up an attracting infrastructure to foreign and indigenous companies in selected sectors, like the ICT sector. In this thesis are strategies and political methods for attracting high value added foreign direct investments in the ICT sector, a sector which can lead to a modernization in countries, shown and discussed. The strategies for attracting high value added foreign direct investments in Estonia, Slovenia and Ireland in the ICT sector are at the theories of the “Porters Diamond Model”, “Footloose Capital Model”, “Theory of long waves and the product cycle” according to the infrastructure, taxation, incentives, national restrictions and laws, structures of national investment promotion agencies and national export processing zones compared and at the end the results of these political methods discussed.