Tudenhöfner, Eduard
Performance Management in the Application Lifecycle
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Erscheinungstermin 01.09.2011
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ISBN 978-3-86924-122-7
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As applications are becoming more extensive in their size and complexity, it is more important to continually manage and improve application performance in order to decrease the risk of performance failures. Due to this impact of performance on business results and project budgets, application performance is a major factor to overall success. However, as many development models consider performance only to a certain extent, it is difficult to provide an acceptable application performance without a performance management in place. The focus is to establish a model that handles performance management and is generally applicable to different types of projects. The model has tailoring capabilities and is organization- and project-independent. This allows an integration not only at the beginning of a project, but also at later stages, making it especially useful for projects that decide to introduce performance management after severe performance issues are discovered.