Fendler, Ute / Löhr, Doris (eds.)
African Studies Centres Around the World
A Network-Based Inventory
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Erscheinungstermin 15.02.2022
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The book “African Studies Centres Around the World – A Network-Based Inventory” compiles a selection of contributions by the directors of eleven African Studies centres from four continents. They comprise Africa’s oldest centre on the continent, at the University of Cape Town, the European centres in Bordeaux, Lisbon and Hradec Králové and the two North American Universities of Florida and Indiana. Central and South America’s contributions to African Studies is represented by the centres in San José, Costa Rica, Santiago de Cuba and Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. The Asian centres are located at Jawaharlal University in Mumbai, India, and at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, South Korea. The eleven chapters show the very diverse history of the centres, explaining their different structures, underpinning the need for more exchange and collaborative research. The volume presents some aspects of the ongoing critical reflections on the historical and political development of African Studies in various parts of the world, disseminating first-hand knowledge while the chapters encourage to open the exchange and collaboration across regional, disciplinary and academic boundaries.

With contributions from:
Akintunde Akinyemi, Carlos Almeida, Aparajita Biswas, Rina Caceres, Yongkyu Chang, Marta E. Cordies Jackson, Ute Fendler, John H. Hanson, Doris Löhr, Lungisile Ntsebeza, Livio Sansone, Jose da Silva Horta, Petr Skalnik, Celine Thiriot


Table of contents (Seite 5-6)

Ute Fendler & Doris Lohr
African Studies Centres Around the World – A Network-Based Inventory (Seite 7-14)

Akintunde Akinyemi
Gazing into the Past to Transform the Future – Fifty Years of Teaching and Research on African Studies at the University of Florida (Seite 15-35)

Aparajita Biswas
African Studies in India: Evolution and Challenges (Seite 37-57)

Rina Caceres
Decolonizing Images and Representations about Africa and Its Descendants – The Case of Central America and Costa Rica (Seite 59-80)

Yongkyu Chang
The History of African Studies in Korea – Forty Years of Its Academic Development (Seite 81-100)

Marta E. Cordies Jackson
The African Presence in the Caribbean: Some Considerations (Seite 101-113)

John H. Hanson
The African Studies Program at Indiana University Bloomington (USA) (Seite 115-123)

Lungisile Ntsebeza
African Studies at UCT: An Overview (Seite 125-144)

Livio Sansone
Challenges and New Possibilities – African Studies in Brazil and the South-South Connection (Seite 145-160)

Jose da Silva Horta / Carlos Almeida
Historicity: The Primacy of Contexts, Connections, and Networks – The Case of the International Project “African Ivories in the Atlantic World” (Seite 161-179)

Petr Skalnik
African Studies in East-Central Europe (Seite 181-194)

Celine Thiriot
Is there a French Touch to African Studies? (Seite 195-213)

About the Contributors (Seite 215)

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