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del Mar Haro Soler, María
Las creencias de autoeficacia del estudiantado
¿cómo favorecer su desarrollo en la formación en traducción?
Innovation von Sprache und Translation
ca. 450 Seiten
21 x 14,8 cm
Bestell-Nr. L96135009
ISBN 978-3-96135-009-4
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This book presents a systematic study of the development of translation students’ self-efficacy beliefs and, more specifically, on the sources, or factors, that may affect this development in translator education. The aim of this study is to identify pedagogical approaches, teaching practices and didactic resources that affect translation students’ self-efficacy beliefs, as well as to analyse how they influence their impact (if any). The two phases in which this study was performed are described in this book: a) an exploratory qualitative phase based on the focus group technique, and b) a mixed-method quasi-experimental field study carried out in three groups of a subject in the Degree in Translating and Interpreting of the University of Granada. Following the results obtained, this book will be able to offer translator educators a set of guidelines as a basis for incorporating the development of student self-efficacy beliefs explicitly and in a structured way in translator education programmes.