Liu, Yang
Electricity Price Regulation in the EU, Germany and China
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Erscheinungstermin 01.10.2012
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In the given economy, the network industries play a special role. The electricity networks can be seen as natural monopoly, because one electricity grid can be operated at lower cost than two or more. Determined by the monopoly networks, grid charges will raise the cost of consumers. In order to correct them, regulation is necessary. It must ensure that the tariff of the electricity price and the network access service can only be determined by those efficient costs.The EU and Germany have introduced regulatory provisions to control the grid charge, according to the competitive standard. The People's Republic of China has provided rules to guarantee the grid charge according to efficient costs, too.The goal of this dissertation is to analyze, how the grid charges are regulated in the EU, Germany and China. This seems to be a fascinating research perspective, with respective energy regulatory laws and their roles in different political/economic environments. The question to be answered is, if there are overall regulatory principles and mechanisms, which are more of common nature than one expert.