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Vorankündigung Schöpferisch tätig - der Garten als Ort kulturellen Handelns von Frauen

Since time immemorial, it has mostly been women who have taken care of gardens: Creating beds, planting and sowing, thus making it a "paradeiso". And yet, to this day, it is mostly men who are associated with famous gardens. Initiators of magnificent gardens such as Empress Maria Theresa or Electress Sophie, on the other hand, tend to be the historical exception. And yet it was precisely these pioneering women who turned the garden into an intellectual meeting place in the 18th century, a venue for theatre and concerts. The Herrenhausen Matinée 2021 traced the fascinating history of women in gardens and drew attention to their multifaceted work as landscape architects, garden keepers and artists inspired by gardens.



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Logo:Autofiction(s) et scandale
Jacobi, Claudia / Ott, Christine / Schönwälder, Lena (Hrsg.) Autofiction(s) et scandale 24,80 €
Logo:"Das war so unser Leben“
Schomann, Stefan / Liebner, Petra / Bresgott, Hans-Christian (Hg.) "Das war so unser Leben“ 41,00 €
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Georg Schütte, Joachim Wolschke-Bulmahn (Hg.) Schöpferisch tätig 25,00 €
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Harjus, Jannis / Autelli, Erica / Hassler, Gabriele / Konzett-Firt Grenzen und Brücken in der Romania 42,00 €



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„Das war so unser Leben“

About one hundred contemporary witnesses of the GDR Red Cross have given information about their life in the Red Cross over several years. The forthcoming volume in the series Beiträge zur Rotkreuzgeschichte (Contributions to Red Cross History) presents a large cross-section of these testimonies, both as a historical self-assurance of the Red Cross and as part of the everyday and social history of the GDR.



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We are pleased to be present at conferences again for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. You will find us in September in Innsbruck at the IXth working conference "Romance-German and Intra-Romance Language Comparison" and in Vienna at the 13th Frankoromanistentag.



Forum Junge Romanistik

Volumes 22 ((Un-)Sichtbarkeiten) and 23 (Zentrum und Peripherie) of the Forum Junge Romanistik series are now also available in Open Access on our website.


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